HL90 1.17 Bios

Hey Guys,

So just looking over a download for the new 1.17 BIOS download for the HL90 and wondering if anyone had any idea what exactly is supposed to be new?

Thanks guys.
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Compal HL90/HL91 BIOS v1.17

The newest BIOS I find on Compal's site is v1.17 http://www.compal.com/Download/NB/JH...S/JHXXX117.zip Of course there's no changelog. Does anyone know what was changed/improved/fixed in this ver. over v1.13? Thanks.

Compal IFL90 More Advanced Bios Options?

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hi... does anyone knows if ifl90 has hardware data execution protection, aKa DEP?? usualy there is an option to activate or deactivate Dep and VT in Bios, but as we owners know ifl90 bias is a little bit to much minimalist... does anyone kown a way to activate if ifl 90 support it? thks for the ...

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... a problem with vista or do they not just light up ? Secondly i wanted to let everyone know that compal has released another bios for this system with a neat winflash utility for vista that allows you to do it with a few mouse clicks. The bios is #025A . I have flashed it and all is running well ...

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Heii As the title says, does any of you know where to get a HL90 mobo / LA-4241P? I've already seen this site: Compal HL90 System Board (Main Board) - 46156630L06 But the reviews of the siteis quite bad, so i'm not sure. Thx


... just got a Compal JFW91 and Ive looked on the Compal site for drivers/bios updates as I do with my IFL90 but they dont seem to have anything for that model. He did ... hxxp://service1.marasst.com/Cnotebooks/jfw91_01_xp32.htm but they seem to be old hes already at bios 103. Cheers

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... restart, reinstall driver, restore from a restore point,...but nothing to do it is still recognize as unkown and don't want to recognize it the way it should.... Some one could help me?? I have Compal Hel80 with latest bios winXP PRO SP2 with all the updates (I ...

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... this notebook? USA 4) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? a. Like: like asus, compal b. Dislike: HATE DELL - good ... ? **decent graphics card especially since in most cases they cant be upgraded WHAT IVE BEEN LOOKING AT Clevo M860TU Compal HL90 Asus Z97V thanks

Nvidia GeForce 445M GT GDDR5 instead 9600M GT

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Ultimate dummy guide to flash Compal HEL80 to the latest bios: 123B 0. Plug in the power supply! 1. Download http://www.mediafire.com/?3cxsnjdmfxf 2. Run HEL80_123B.exe. This will write a bootable cd. Let it verify the image (reinsert the cd)! 3. Reboot with cd in drive and press F12 ...

How to update bios for compal JFL92

Hi new user here, I've been looking around on the forums for how to update the bios. I've got the files for the 1.18 compal bios update, and I know I ... image file from files/folders" 2) I select all the files that came with the BIOS update and change destination to my burning device 3) I select the ...

Compal HGL-30 BIOS and 4GB RAM

Hey all... I was wondering if anyone knew what the latest HGL-30 BIOS is, and if it fixes the way devices are mapped when you have 4GB ... the most recent, Bizcom.us has a password protect on their site any more so I can't check with them, and Compal's site doesn't have anything for an HGL-30. Thanks!

Compal IFL90/Sager 2090 Where/How to download new drivers and Bios!

Hey guys I bought a compal ifl90/sager2090 1.5 years ... from scratch. I was wondering where one downloads the newest drivers/bios for the ifl90 and also how you install ... to install the drivers in. I am kind of a noob to this so any help would really be appreciated! Also how do i check the bios version ...

WARNING...the Compal (I)FL90/91, (I)FT00/01 and JFT00 DO NOT SUPPORT PENRYN no matter what BIOS they have...try it and fry it!

This comes directly from Compal in Taiwan: "There will be no BIOS fix for any currently released & delivered Models (i.e. IFL90/91, IFT00/01 or JFT00) to ... SRR Models on line will support Penryn 800 MHZ CPUs. P.S. The BIOS v115 or v116 mentioned below is for JFT02 or ...

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I was wondering if anyone here has flashed their laptops with the new bios version 116a. No information as to the fixes/updates. Hope to hear from someone... http://www.compal.com/asp/driver_dnd...0_31/BIOS/116A Thanks pete

compal bios, I need your oppinion !

... and tring to find the best way to install the newer bios for my compal FL90 and In my opinion ... ver.( first removing my Vista full OS in this compal) and then download the bios 1.16, use the Phonix WINPHLASH ... .WPH and hit Flash bios and IMO should work, I haven't done this but it seems like a foolproof ...

Compal EL81: New BIOS v1.22

I flashed the BIOS to the newest version (v1.22), although it shows the new version correctly during the boot screen, ... is running without any problems. Only the version is not showing properly... My previous BIOS version was 1.16. BTW, the bios was downloaded from Compal's site. Intel's download ...

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... aka CompalIFL90 and i was wondering where to get drivers/bios updates for it. someone gave me the compal site http://www.compal.com/asp/driver_dnd..._dnd/index ... intel folder and a folder called 30. which one do i choose? also do i get the bios update from the main page or go into IFL90_91/ ...

Compal website BIOS on VBI version of the Compal EL80

... versions found on Compal's website. Can this be done? It is OK to install the Compal BIOS on the VBI version of the notebook? The BIOS version Intel provides date back to 1/30/2007. After reading over some of the readme's on Compal site about the newer version, it could fix ...

Compal EL80 bios digging/temperature sensors

... got my compal el80, all is sweet in it, apart from the terribly noisy fan it has. One thing I ... what basis is the cpu fan being turned ON ? Is it hardcoded in the bios or somehwre else? Had it been hardcoded in the bios, perhaphs I could raise the temperature treshold a bit, so that the fan kicked ...