help with dynam extra 330 rtf

Hi, I just purchased the Dynam extra 330 RTF version, but it did not come with the epoxy, battery or nuts and bolts etc. to connect the prop to the motor! 1. does anyone know a shop wuth the spares for this plane just incase the shop I bought it from has none left? 2. the batt for it is a 3 cell 1250 mah 11.1 v lipo but i have a spare 800 mah 2 cell lipo sitting around, what will hppen if I use this batt instead of the one that SHOULD have come with the plane? 3. the charger that came with the plane (but with no batt) has the connector to the batt, and also has 2 alligator clips, now, since i cannot afford a car battery right now, is there anything around the house I can connect the clips to? 4. I also just bought a 1-4 cell lipo charger, but it only has a red and a black wire for the power, all my batts fit in the sockets which is great, but I do not know where to put the red+ black wires for the power?

I am really struggling here guys, any help would be MUCH appreciated, thanks alot, Lincoln.
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