Restore System To Factory Default

I am planning to restore my laptop to its factory default because of some problems like the "Windows Update" window is all grayed out. I tried finding solutions in the net but it doesn't solve the problem so maybe system restore may do it but inst going to remove all the programs, like MS Office? Are the files saved in drive D also be removed? My laptop has MS Office already when my mother bought it. I have Acer Aspire 5730z. thanks, i hope someone can give me some answers Asap
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i wanna restore my acer laptop to the factory default setting?

i wanna restore my acer laptop to the factory default setting, but it shows this error :'( c:program FilesAcerAcer eRecovery ManagementRecovery Management.exe is not a valid Win32 application so how can i???

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ofcourse when you restore to factory default you dont have the latest windows vista ... my windows first start to install acer software for acer aspire5920g i was removing norton ... to internet or network for downloading. before the restore to factory default , i had almost every latest windows patches ...

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Cause i've caught the BSOD, and was unable to proceed to the safe mode, i was told to press ALT+F10 and select factory default settings. But may i know what will happen if i do this ? Other than losing datas... Will i need to reload/redownload things like MSN, Microsoft office ETC

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A215-7422 - Restoring to Factory Defaults

... on the machine, it hasn't been a hug concern. now, I plan to use it more... I'd like to first restore to the factory default configuration. as I do this, I will run disk wipe ... dod level mode. my question is this... how do I make recovery / restore cd's for this model? frankly, I don't recall if it ...

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... not start. It just restarts over and over. So apparently my only option is to restore factory defaults BUT I've searched everywhere and can't seem to find my Operating System disk. Which is just silly because I have every other disk and pamphlet that came with my laptop ...

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I am tired of this desktop. Its so bad and I really want to upgrade it. But I want to restore it to factory default first. I know that all my files are gone unless I back them up on a disk or something. I don't have a disk. What I really want to know is what happens to my music from like itunes?

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I have a Toshiba windows vista laptop 32 bit and wanted to restore it to factory defaults but i just cant figure it out! Does anyone know how to do this? any help would be greatly appreciated. I dont want to save anything on there just wipe it clean

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How do I restore my hp probook 4525s to factory defaults.

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... 1100 desktop (os Windows XP home edition) and want to restore it to factory default. I do not have to restore cd for this computer but do have another dell re-installation cd for ... have tried ctrl and f11 but have not restore option. How can I restore to factory default? Thanks for any help in advance

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