How to calulate tow hook location

I am currently working on a 2 meter sail plane. I obtained a Kanza fuse from Matney models. He did me a favor and cut the foam wing cores for me. And then being the best guy he is! He helped me put on the obichie wing skins and bag them. So this is a straight wing bird with Full house wing. Now Here is my question. How do I calculate where to put the tow hook? And where should I expect the C.of G. or C.of P. to be located at? Ball park will do. I have to hurry and finish this soon as I want to take this to the NATS So any thoughts or opinions would be welcomed.
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I know tow hook location has a huge impact on launch. But what about CG? I haven't done much in the way of Hi-start/winch launches. If I move the CG do I need to move the tow hook accordingly to keep it launching the same? Thanks Jusitn

Discussion Ava Pro Tow Hook location

... is cutting the fuse to install the towhook, he says the CG is four inches from the leading edge of the wing but doesn't say what distance from the CG he installed the tow hook assembly. I would like to know the recommended distance from the nose of the fuse ...

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Hi gang I'd like to ask how you construct a tow hook, as in tow hook for a line connected to ... power plane, not hi-start/winch? If you have your standard sailplane with a radio tray and a nose cone, how do you make the tow release and where do you place it? I'm familiar with one variant where you ...

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... was to get stupid. Do most of you guys use adjustable tow hooks? If so, where are you getting them? A heads up on that would be appreciated. Nobody else in Great Falls is flying sailplanes. I'm isolated. Thanks in advance. Marlowe Great Falls, Mt.

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Does anyone have a Bingo/Pulsar 2.5 M Sailplane? So they can share where they placed the Two Hook? And where there CG is? I read lots of Threads here and the general answer for tow hook place is from 0 to 3/4" in Front of CG. Is this rule still good? Thanks, Don

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... heavier wing loading) nearly immediately went into a hard right roll(much like a kite without a tail). Nothing changed regarding the CG location for the 1st or 2nd launch, and the tow hook remained in the same location (.25 in front of the CG). Has anyone any experience with this type ...

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I'm refurbishing an antique Aquila Grande and believe I should replace the release mechanism that is installed on the glider. I have been searching the Web but have found no resources. I'm reaching out for help in locating a suitable releaseable tow hook replacement.

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I'm adding a tow hook to my glider,I know that the placement should be about 14 degree ahesd of the c/g for starting .I need to know how far back for the 2rd and third settings

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I am getting close to the point in my build that I need to start figuring out where to put my tow hook. I got the tow hook kit from Zagi and a 4 pack of 6-32 blind nuts. I plan on putting one of the blind nuts where it is suggested on the ...

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I am getting close to the point in my build that I need to start figuring out where to put my tow hook. I got the tow hook kit from Zagi and a 4 pack of 6-32 blind nuts. I plan on putting one of the blind nuts where it is suggested on the ...

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I have this old EZ glider with the motor removed,And I want to use a Hi were would the best spot be to place a tow hook.I made this tow hook out of 2 paces of plywood and will be gluing it in.....Any idea guys

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... to try and get my answer, but do you have any idea how many pages there are with the two words "TOW HOOK" in them? Bunches. I recently obtained an old Merlyn that has a captured tow hook. I really didn't have a problem with that until it malfunctioned 4 times out of 5 ...

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... to release at the apex but could not find a commercial releasable tow hook at my LHS. Years ago ... launch with high start find it necessary to use a releasable tow hook? Anyone willing to share any proven home ... paint my latest project but would like to incorporate the tow hook before final finish. ...

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... with a very thin fiberglass fuse and was wondering what the preferred method for installing a tow hook is. I am wanting to use an adjustable tow hook from kennedy composites or something similar. This is the first glider that I will be hi-starting. The area where the towhook goes ...

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... the center of area of the sails (CAS) (Tow hook on a plane) in relation to ... a backwards loop, same situation). If you consider the sails as a tow hook on a plane the situation in principle is the same, so I question why do we set up tow hooks relative to CG and not relative to the Center of area of ...

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... a year and a half ago I got a very nice adjustable tow hook from Ziegelmeyer Enterprises. I'd now like to ... number listed has been disconnected. Does anyone know what happened or if these parts are now being produced by someone else? Know a good source for adjustable tow hooks (1/8" is good). Thanks

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... looking for an adjustable tow hook for my Oly III. I wanted something that didn't rely on a couple of jam nuts on a bolt through the fuse, but because the tow hook is so close to the bulkhead at the wing ... 3/4 inch 6061-T6511 bar stock and the hook is 1/2" stainless rod, both purchased at my ...

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... going to convert a powered glider back to a winch launch glider, but I already used the tow hook from the kit on my EZG. Has anyone ever built a tow hook from a screw or a bolt? I could buy one, but what fun is that? Seems like I could build one with a bolt and a dremel?? Help !! ...

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Question for the group... do you most of you check out the Sailplane Talk forum and the other sailplane related forums when you visit RCGroups? What consistutes a thread that properly belongs in Sailplane Talk? Is it a thread that is generic to all sailplanes regardless ...

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I got this EPP foam HGL trainer hoping to get some cross training. I would like to slope, as well and basicly get the most out of my Christmas present. I would like to build in a Tow hook for up-start to get it into the air. Any help? TT

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... rubber band and string of some sort, but that's about it. Would someone undertake to explain the different methods for ground launching a glider from a tow hook, or point me to somewhere that I can read about it? Much Obliged- Rick

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Where is the most optimal placement for the tow hook on this type of plane for high start. I have an issue with having to constantly correct it with elevator and I still have a tendency to stall or slip off too early. My 2m Riser is a little more heavy ...

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Hello, hope some of you folk can help. I'm looking to install a tow hook for high starts, I've searched the web but i'm not getting many hits. Ideally i would like it to be moveable so i can adjust the C of G once final ...