'86 L98 Stock cam specs

Where can I find specs for the stock GM cam in my '86 L98? My shop manual gives the lift but no duration figures. I'm rebuilding the engine and want a mild cam upgrade without sacrificing low end but I have to know where I am now before shopping for a new stick. I could wait till the heads are off and degree the thing, but the figures must be somewhere.

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Stock Cam Specs for LS2?

I was under the impression the LS2 engine has the same cam specs as the 2001 LS6. I assumed that valve lift was .525" for both the ... other day LS2 valve lift was listed as .50" at one site and .521" on another. Can anyone verify correct stock cam specifications for the LS2? Thanks.

1986 Stock Cam Specs

... I still have plenty of pretty fast fords that will not go around a corner ;). What I'm looking for right now are the specs for the stock cam (lift and duration @ .050") so I can decide if I will leave that cam in it when I pull the heads this winter, or move to something ...

Stock Cam Specs?

Does anyone know how stock cams line up for the LS1 (04 Z06), LS2, LS3 and LS7? Are they all about the same as far as durstion, overlap, etc. --- or do is there some order classification mild to aggressive?

91 Stock L98 Camshaft Specs.

Hey boys and girls, Hmmm, maybe there was not enough "input"...... Engines: 91 L98 87 L98 Anybody have the stock cam specs? Lift, Gross Duration, Intake Centerline, LSA???? I KNOW some of you rocket scientist out there know this...... [Modified by VetNutJim, 2:33 PM 2/13/2003]

LS2 Stock Cam Specs

Does anyone know what the lobe separation is for the stock 06 LS2 Cam? I know that the other specs for this cam are: Intake: 0.500" lift/200 deg duration @ .050 lift Exhaust: 0.500" lift/203 deg duration @ .050 lift

Warning About Secret Cams Specs & No Cam Cards

... I plan on posting in the C6 Z06 area as well as the C5 Tech area also. Anyhow, the car was initally built in South Florida by a reputable tech and then I was brought in to tune the car. On ... small cam for the LS7 that works with the stock springs." I asked about the cam specs or card and ...

l98 stock tpi + cam only + 1.6 = anything good?

l98 stock tpi + cam only + 1.6 rockers = anything good? I have the '88 aluminum heads and full catless exhaust minus LT headers... just wondering if this would get me anywhere. One more stupid question that is off subject but I better just get it out off the way... If I buy LT headers, will ...

Going back to stock cam from TPIS cam

... my Vette back to stock cam and emissions so that it can pass TX emissions inspection without ... headaches. That said, I had Corvettes of Dallas rebuild my L98 in my 91 for performace. As such, it has the no emissions TPIS exhaust ... double coil springs being used with a factory spec cam and factory chip ...

Helpful research to find the perfect LS3 Cam

... Livernois & Lunati perform below the stock cam at 3k! they only pull away from the other cams at the very top of the rpm range. Now focus on the comp cam and the Katech, both are at 225 intake ... spot is combining the two cams for all around performance. The cam specs that I am going to use are 224 ...

Cam specs, and effects on low and high end TQ and HP.

... could (howstuffworks.com) etc. However I can't seem to find specifics relating the cam specs to performance effects. I understand a cam ... rougher idle or lope, and I don't plan to ever for nitrous or FI, is it possible to spec out a cam that just gives TQ and HP boosts throughout the band? Thanks ...

10:1 CR with Stock Cam?

... back to my stock cam and tune and was wondering if ill be able to run pinging on the stock cam and 10:1 compression. Engine analyzer pro puts the cranking ... ? or should i just let the car be an expensive lawn ornament until i get the car running right with the new cam ? oh and btw its an 88 l98 auto.

cam lift vs rocker lift

... started with a higher lift cam than the L98 stock cams. Mine happens to be a little unique ... from that website: The secret to any engine's performance is to obtain maximum area ... , I'd wonder if it would be as mild/milder than a hot-cam? I'm not sure springs would even be "stressed" for any aftermarket ...

Factory Cam specs? 1.6 rolller rockers? Just need a little info..

I have a set of roller rockers for my 92, 1.52 and 1.6's, now I need new springs. Does anyone know the factory cam specs off the top of their heads? Also, do I use stock length pushrods with roller rockers? Thanks in advance... :cheers: :chevy :flag

Help me with some cam specs please

... Cams roller, 224, 224, 110...it's a cam with a ton of top end, but it is sluggish around ... idles fairly smooth but still sounds like it has something other than stock cam. More importantly, I want a ton of ... end...you know...that torquey off the light kind of power feeling. Suggestions for specs? ...

Stock '85 cam specs. & SuperRam Questions

... they are? I want to install SuperRam but do not want to pull the cam yet. I am going to go with AFR 190 heads also. Can I use roller rockers with the stock cam and new heads? Can I use 1.5 ratio rockers? Also, will i needs a custom chip? Sorry about all the questions. :confused:

Where to get a cheap replacement cam?

... oem replacement hydraulic roller cam. I would just get a zz9 if i were to spend that much. Does anyone know where I can get a new replacement ... cheap? I am planning on new lifters/pushrods/cam and timing chain set, ... torward the 400. Also, does anyone know the stock cam specs for the 1990 l98 engine? ...

Intake/TB stock cam?

Its a C6 LS2 A6 car has intake, corsa catback with xpipe, dyno tune, and 3.42 gears. any good intake manifold/Throttle Body that are worth the money on stock cam any other bolts on worth doing besides headers or stall? maybe 160 t-stat?

Anyone do AFR 205 Heads ONLY (stock cam)? Thoughts?

... is key. And I am just loathe to lose the easy driveability of the stock cam in my daily driver, so I am wondering if this would be a smarter mod than cam only. It's about the same money. Has anyone done heads only? What were your results? Would love to hear some thoughts ...

Fastest stock block stock cam C6 at 11.03 at 128 mph

Last night was the last runs to try to break into the 10's on a stock block and stock cam C6. We only had 3 runs and the ... 11.03 at 128 mph. To this date is the fastest stock engine C6 run. Mods on this ... torque management numbers. Ernie www.BreathlessPerformance.com "Fastest stock engine C6 11.03"

Need HELP! Supercharged C6, keep stock cam or blower cam?

... engine that breathes well, and keep the boost down, but now I question if I should just keep the stock cam in. I have read where aftermarket ... , but I am more concerned with the longivity of the motor and keeping the psi down. Also, will the stock springs hold up with the S/C? Thanks for the feedback, ...

Need clarification on each part of cam specs...what it is actually telling you...

When you read cam specs like: 238/240 .605/.609......what determines where in the power band power starts...i.e.2800-6000rpm, is it ... numbers or is it the .605/.609 intake/exhaust portion. Also, which part of the specs (238/240 or .605/.609) is more responsible for understanding what ...

Stock Cam Specs??

Sorry for being brain dead... I remember seeing some stock cam specs here a while ago, but I can't seem to find them. So, what are the stock cam specs for a 2001 LS1 and 2002 LS6? (I have lift numbers, but what are the duration numbers, LSA, etc.) Thanks and Happy New Year :cheers:

Ported Heads, Stock Cam - really bad idea?

... floor! I can do a head swap in a weekend but a cam is going to take a lot longer since I don't see anyway to go about doing it with the motor ... heads couldn't live to their full potential with the stock cam. I would however replace the timing ... of short tube headers, stock cats and Magnaflow 3" catback ...

396 blower motor cam spec advice needed! (cam guru's step in)

Okay guys, I need some advice on a particular cam spec for a 396 blower build! Will ... style 210cc AFR Lt4 heads. Here is the current cam.... http://www.summitracing.com/ ... thoughts? Driveability, idle charactor? Will this be "too much" cam? Will the heads have to come off to determine clearance issues ...