2000 BMW 328CI 7 Engine Codes!!!

Hi gang,

My mechanic has the bmw and he ran his testing equipment on the car and came back with a few codes. Prior to running the codes he erased the codes as my main mechanic found some 20 codes.

The car is a 2000 BMW 328CI with auto tranny.

Those codes are,

P0720 Speed Sensor Curcuit

P1750 No Document

P1749 No Document

P0727 No Engine RPM to TCM

P0731 1st Gear Ratio

P0733 3rd Gear Ratio

P0734 4th Gear Ratio

The car has about 140K miles and it was purchased at 130K miles. A few thousand miles after purchase an exclamation point would pop up on the insturment panel and the car would run and drive but you had to really lay into the pedal to get it going. This was intermitted and would come on once or twice a week.

Any help would be much appreciated!!!
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