dme/ecu swap

Turns out the DME/ECU has gone bad in my 95 M3 and i was doing some research online and found that it uses the Bosch Motronic M3.3.1 software. Also the 92-95 325i and 92-95 525i cars use the same. So my question is: Has anybody heard of someone or maybe you yourself have used a different cars DME with your original chip and it worked just fine just as long as your using the same DME with software installed?
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Hope to be doing a ECU 413 red label swap in a couple of days due to I lost mines due to the famous blower motor drainage clogging. My question is simple, I will be swapping a red label 413 with a red label 413. Do I have to swap my chip also from the old one to the new one?

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ahh need this real bad! ecu coding!

does anyone have the coding from a 1998/1999 e36 328i ecu? it must be a manual trans car........if your not sure what coding can anyone get me a picture of the casing of their ecu? i need this to recode mine to pass emissions and nobody around here has the same car as me nobody at all?

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hi all

Hello all im new to this I need the eprom code for my 1991 bmw 318i se e36? The ecu is bosch 0261 200 520. I know the silver sticker is on the chip but its worn away and alli can get is 1267 35* *** has anyone got any ideas? thanks so much

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Hello. I recently had to replace the ECU in my 95. I've since learned that this is a fairly common problem due to water getting trapped in the compartment and being unable to drain out, essentially drowning the unit. I heard that there is a fairly simple modification that can be made that will ...

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Hello people i have a 1999 e36 323is and its misfiring iv changed the spark plugs 4k miles ago and then i changed the wire harness and switched the coils no change when i switched the coils what can it be from my obd2 reader says p0300 and p0301 p0302

DME/ECU swap

Hello guys.. looking for some advice here. It seems as if my DCU/EME computer is not fully functional (can;t read error codes and oil/service lights counter not working). I have a 92 325is. do I have to get the exact model or can you upgrade for one of a newer vehicle. I have a shop where they have ...

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