Toshiba DLP Rear Projection Disassembly and Cleaning. Models 42HM95, 52HM95, 62HM95.

I just disassembled and cleaned my Toshiba 52HM95 and thought I would share my experience. I could not find any "specific" information on the internet for this model, so maybe this will be helpful for others.


* Phillips screwdriver (magnetic tip)
* 1/4" nut driver
* 1/4" wrench, small adjustable wrench, or stubby Phillips (to access screw in tight spot)
* Canned air with extender tube, a few cans
* Optical-quality microfiber cloth
* Clean, lint-free cloth
* Small brush


* Do not use any cleaner that contains ammonia. A clean lint-free cloth dampened with water was adequate for me.
* To prevent overspray, do not spray any cleaner directly on to any TV part. Spray on to rag only. (I only used a dampened rag to clean plastic and metal surfaces; no electronics or optical surfaces.)
* Use only an optical quality microfiber cloth and/or canned air to clean the light engine lens, the mirror and the inside surfaces of the front screen.
* Exercise caution using canned air. Do not tilt the can and allow any liquid propellant to escape. I had a few full cans available, and swapped to a new can often.
* Keep screws removed from each panel in a different cup. Most are different sizes.
* When disconnecting wiring connectors, note color codes for connector orientation when reconnecting. Most connectors only install in one orientation, but it's not clearly obvious.
* If contacting any circuit boards/wiring connectors, make sure to touch the metal frame first to discharge any static charge.

Disassembly Instructions:

1. Insure TV is powered off and allowed to cool at least 2 hours (overnight if possible).

2. Open and remove the Lamp Unit door on left side of TV. Using a Phillips screwdriver, loosen the 2 screws on the lamp unit and carefully remove the lamp unit.
Clean lamp unit, using microfiber cloth on the lens and set aside for reinstallation.

3. With the lamp unit removed, you can see the light engine's color wheel through the small hole. I covered this hole with tape to prevent any dust from entering during my cleaning.

4. Remove the lower rear cover (2 screws on each end and 9 along the back panel).

5. Remove the cover from the Input/Output jacks by removing the 7 silver screws securing the cover to the Input/Output modules and sliding the cover off the power cord grommet.

6. Remove the front pedestal cover as follows:
Note the blue, red and grey wire harnesses on the right side leading to the front panel controls, AV-3 jacks and PC slots. Loosen and remove these wires from their wire ties.Grasp the pedestal cover at the ends and gently pull outward. It is installed with quick-release pins and should release easily.Gently pull the pedestal cover out, being careful to guide the wiring.Carefully disconnect the 3 wiring connectors, noting the color code for reconnection.In preparation of removing the front screen, 2 hidden screws must be removed. These 2 screws secure the bottom corners of the front screen and are installed from the back.

7. Remove the plastic housing where the lamp unit was removed:
Loosen the wire tie and remove the wires from the top of the plastic housing (these wires go to the lamp door switch).Remove 2 screws securing plastic housing. One on left side and other in base on right side (with limited space available, will need 1/4" wrench or stubby Phillips).Slowly pull housing from TV, until you can reach the connector to the lamp door switch. Note color code and disconnect wiring connector (may be easier to pull some wire through the hole and lift upward to remove connector).The front panel screw can now be seen in a recessed hole. Loosen this screw. (I did not remove the screw completely, to aid in reinstallation. Otherwise, a magnetic Phillips screwdriver may be needed.)8. From the area of the front panel wiring ties the other hidden front panel screw can be seen in a recessed hole. Loosen this screw.

9. Remove 11 of the 12 screws along the back of the TV securing the front screen, leaving one loosely installed at the top.

10. Remove 4 of the 5 screws on the front of the TV, at the bottom of the screen.

11. While holding the screen at the top and bottom, remove the two remaining screws, and gently lift and pull the front screen panel away from the TV.
Store the front screen assembly where the inside surfaces can be cleaned with the microfiber cloth and/or canned air.

12. Reassemble the TV in the reverse order, remembering to remove the tape from the hole covering color wheel, if installed earlier in step 3.

There are 3 fans to clean:
The large Lamp Fan behind the lamp and light engine assemblies is clearly visible.There are two smaller fans mounted next to each other. One fan is mounted between the cable card slot and the light engine and the other fan is mounted just to the right directly on the light engine assembly. It's somewhat inaccessible without removing the light engine, but using an extender tube on your canned air, it is easily cleaned.
The lens of the light engine will have the most dust. Clean with canned air and the microfiber cloth. Use a corner of the cloth to reach beneath the plastic tabs covering the lens.

The mirror may have a few dust particles. Gently wipe with the microfiber cloth and use canned air.
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