M17x Command Center Problems


I've just bought an m17x (still available in Europe), for a whole lot of money, and I'm experiencing some problems. Some is my fault, some AWs.
I had to buy it via a friend, couse they don't really ship it to my country, so I'm still in truble with myHive, despite the fact that I have an account No. I really hate the myHive thing about AW, couse I had a lot of AWs without support. BIOS etc. So if any AW support person can help me, they are welcome.
The other problem is I was stupid and bought it with Vista Ultimate 32 bit.
Here come the problems. I've installed x64, and all the drivers, and everithing works, except the Command Center. That works too, but my keyboard won't light up, and sometimes it thinks it's an m15x. This is my biggest problem.
I tried all the things in these threads:

m17x how to guides

HOWTO GUIDE: Running Vista x64 on m17x

AlienSense & AlienTouch

Command center update

Nothing helped. I tried the latest Command Center X64, (found it here on nbr, "Command Center v. 1033 (x64)", from the m15x drivers thread).

I found this on the AW website:

"Thank you for your inquiry.

This is the procedure you need to follow in order to reinstall the Alienware Command Center on the Area-51 m17x:

* Disable User Account Control. You can find this option in the Users control panel.
* Restart the computer
* Uninstall Alienware Command Center.
* Uninstall the ATK application and driver.
* Remove the Alienware Command Center registry keys, located in the registry under the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/ALIENWARE. See Image 1:


Image 1

* Restart the computer
* Make sure that the latest version of the Microsoft .NET Framework (currently version 3.5 SP1) is installed on the computer. You can find it in My Hive or in Microsoft's website.
* Install the ATK application and driver (m17x_Hotkey_Vista.zip)
* Restart the computer.
* Install the Webcam FA driver.
* Apply the Ripley model patch (m17x_RIPLEY_Model.exe), which can be found in My Hive.
* If the computer has an AlienFX illuminated keyboard. run the m17x Keyboard patch (m17x_lighted_keyboard.zip), which can be found in My Hive.
* Install Alienware Command Center.
* Restart the computer.
* Re-enable User Account Control.
* Restart the computer.

Thank you for your inquiry,

The Alienware Technical Support Team "

So it seems I need two things from my Hive:

So please someone with m17x download these for me. Thanks in advance.
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