Giant Big Stick

I am starting to build a Giant Big Stick I am planning it to go from my trainer that I have (Hobico 60 with an OS Max 091 4 cycle) now. I have a Super Tiger G3000 that I plan to use. However I keep looking at the gas engines and would like any recommendations either way. Also any build input would be great. It is a ARF and I plan to use flaps.

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GP Giant Big Stick

Has anyone here ever powered the Great Planes Giant Big Stick with a Homelite 25cc conversion engine? I have an engine that I am about to convert, and I am trying to decide what plane to put it in. Any suggestions are welcome.

GP- Giant Big Stick?

Looking at getting into the Giant Big Stick.. how similar does this model handle, compared to it's .40 sized little brother? I love the way that my .40 sized version handles.. and I'd love to have a larger version of this same model. Also, how does this model ...

Discussion Which is a better beginner giant scale....

... am ready to make the transition to giant scale and am excited about getting my first gas ... glide and come in slow on landings. first choice - Great Planes giant big stick second - Seagull Decathlon 79" ... recommend other beginner giant scale planes? Or did I get it right with the Giant Big Stick?

35cc engine, which plane?

... of high G maneuvers. I guess that pretty much means big control surfaces and low wing ... II Ultimate Bipe I read the review on the Giant Aeromaster and I fear it might be too tame and ... a 35cc gasser would be too much for it. That - and it's pink. The Giant Big Stick would be a good plane(I've ...

Discussion Floats/Skis GP Giant Big Stick

Hi Guys, Any idea where I can get some floats or skis for GP GBS? Im out here in SD and with winter approaching I wanna do some fklying off the snow. Been looking for some skis/Floats but unable to source anything. All help would be appreciated Tx Cubes

Great Planes Giant Big Stick

Has anyone ever converted the Great Planes Giant Big Stick (80+ " WS)over to electric? I have a Monster Power 160 waiting for the right plane and this seems like it would make a good project. ampmaker

GP Giant Big Stick

I'm thinking about the GP Giant Big Stick as my next purchase. Any feedback both good and bad would be very helpful as I make my decision. Assuming it is as good as it looks, I'd love to know if it's better as a tail tragger or with nose gear. Or is that just personal ...

Discussion Skis or floats for GP Giant Big Stick

Anyone have an idea where I can locate skis or floats for Giant Big Stick by GP? Im wanting to do some winterflying and with all the snow wheels just won't work. Been trying to find floats/skis with no success. Please help!!:confused:

Giant Scale Kits

I have a US 41 gas engine that's very happy at home on my Stinson Reliant, but the plane is 5 years old and I'm thinking I might like a new giant scale airplane. Where are the good kits suitable for this engine?

Selling a giant scale airplane

I am selling an airplane because I know nothing about them I think that this would be a very good prject for an experienced person It is very big 4 ft length by 3 ft wide I know nothing about airplanes.

Lets see your Giant Scale Airplane

Lets all see your favoirate GS Airplane Here is a pick of mine with me when I was at the JR Challenge in Florida H9 Su-31 with DA 100, 26-10beila 3blade, Airtronics 358 servos all away around and Stylus Radio of course Randy Team Airtronics

giant scale airplane servo

I was looking for some servo and found this servo on nitro (49G Digital Servos w/ Metal Gear High-Speed performance DMP072) and would like to know if any one has use this servo on there airplane or know anything about this servo .I need some good servo for my extra 330l 80" ...

giant scale project

I am wanting to build a 1/5-1/4 scale airplane.I would like it to be scale.I was wondering wich plane would be te best start as a scale project.I am looking at either a warplane or a cub like plane.Thanks for all your info.

Where do you buy your planes

I am looking to buy a Giant Scale airplane, have been looking at the p-51 offered by tower hobbies. I am would like to know some other places to look for any type of Giant scale plane. I am not for sure about the p-51 infact I would rather look around at some different sites.

Landing Gear - Wanted !

I am looking for a main landing gear from a giant scale airplane... Does anyone have a large landing gear from a crashed Edge, extra, or anything like that that they want to sell ?? This is for a plane of my own design, so it does not matter what the ...

Discussion LiFeP04 Batteries on Giant Scale Airplane?

Hi, Not sure if I'm posting in the right section hear but I do have a couple of battery questions I was hoping to get answers for. I recently bought a LifeP04 4500Mah 2 Cell battery to switch over from my 2 2000Mah NiMa batteries. First question are the LiFeP04 Batteries the same as A123 ...

Discussion 10 ft. P-38J Lightning

gonna start building a huge P-38, 10 ft. wingspan from Nick Ziroli plans and am wondering how long, how many hours, y'all think it will take to build? And any good tips when building a giant scale airplane for the first time. Thanks in advance

Discussion Giant scale takes a big hit This fear of this will eventually spell the death of model aviation as we know it.

Which Servo for a 1/4 scale Extra300S...??

... to 1/4 scale airplanes and I'm building a 1/4 scale Extra 300S, with a 50cc engine. I'm ... and practice the IMACC Maneuvers with it. Could someone let me know which servo will be OK for this airplane.. Also I was looking to spend between $30.00 - $50.00 for ea. servo if that's possible. Rule of tumb ...

Ca Hinges

Are CA hinges used by TOC and other large (1/4 Scale) airplanes to any degree? Some people seem to have problems with CA hinges,so I am wondering if The Big Birds use them with confidence? Thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,Dave

Balancing Large Scale Airplanes

I am on my third large scale build (CAP 232G) and continue to be challenged on the best way to support the plane for balancing during the completion process. I have a very light weight balancer that would not hold the plane and was designed for lightweight Electrics or small glows. I know the answer ...

Discussion Giant Big Stik Ryobi 31cc

here are a few pics of my project


... selection. Well, I have the engine, I'm just hoping that it would be enough power...Here's the deal... I got a Sukhoi SU-31 1/3 scale Airplane and by reading at the Hangar 9 website it will fly well with a Zenoah G-62, Given I only fly sport. HOWEVER, I have a 3W ...

First large scale Airplane Need help

Changing out a receiver on a Cap 232 33%. Old revevier was a Futaba,changing to a JR spcm 10 channel. Question. This plane uses two batteries. Of couse one lead goes to the socket marked Batt. where would the other batt. lead go to? Aux 1, 2, 3, 4? Thanks