How many times does your toddler pee a day?

The reason I ask is my 3 year old is having a heck of a time staying dry, and when I started using a sticker chart I noticed 8 stickers on the first day. Quite often she will go pee and put on new pants, only to be wet again 10 mins later. So maybe she doesn't know how to empty her bladder when she goes?!! Any feed back/ advice would be appriciated. I put her in pull-ups thinking that maybe she just too stressed/ not physically ready to be potty trained...but then she seems to get lazy and poop in them (which was never a problem in the past year).

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How often does your toddler pee???

... EVER had a dry diaper -- whenever I change him, he's always wet again within minutes. It seems to me that he pees all day & all night long. He does nurse a ... and he fits every symptom but I might just be overreacting which I frequently do... Sooooo yeah, how often does your toddler pee?

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carola (22months)has been using the potty for a few weeks, with very few accidents. my question is how many times should she be peeing a day? for example today she woke up with a dry diaper, peed when she woke up, peed around 9:30, then 12:30, then 4, and now at 8. is that enough?

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... the child and the child has been learning this whole routine for a much longer time than traditional potty-trainers/learners. So anyway, my question is about the frequency of your PL'ed toddlers' pees. DD has been going to bed very early, without a nap lately, ...

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How many times do you think toddlers pee during the night? I'm not sure how anyone would know that but still thought I'd ask, because.... My 18 mo old DS is STILL a frequent nightwaker. I can't ... BF on demand and nursed to sleep. I am still BFing 6-7 times a night, but not ready to nightwean yet. He ...

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how often does your toddler pee in the potty?

... throughout the day but she urinates very infrequently maybe 4x a day and one of those times would be with a bowel movement she drinks maybe 16oz of water a day and 8oz of milk does that sound normal? she can go from 6:30am her first pee to 3pm sometimes without going............. she is 3.5yrs old