Building my GWS Pico Cub (J3-F)

OK guys. I got my GWS Pico J3 Cub and I'm ready to get back into RC flying (I am totally stoked about this, by the way)

BUT... before one can fly, one must build, and the build has a lot to do with the quality of flight. So I have a few questions:

1) I know that the GWS glue is bad, but can I use foam safe CA. Or is it best to use epoxy? Seems to me that if light is what we are going for, then CA might be best, but perhaps it doesn't hold well enough.

2) I plan on using the stock IPS and the 7.4V Lithium Ion qualcomm packs (like I used to in my TigerMoth). I loved this setup for basic cruising and loooong flights. Later I will upgrade to a BL when I'm ready to go vertical with this puppy. Any reason why I can't expect the same performance with this stock setup as I had with the Moth?

3) I think that the bamboo struts are the lightest way to go, but Carbon Fiber is cool too. Any reason to upgrade from the bamboo ones?

4) I'll be using all micro electronics: 2A ESC, Hitec Rx and GWS micro servos...same as in the Moth. (I only have an old Hitec AM Tx for now, but I figure it should work for this simple park flying setup). I'm not right in the city, so there shoudl be limited interference, but I'll be sure to extensively test the range.

5) How much weight do you think the decals add?

6) Any other useful info is always appreciated! I love this forum because I feel like I have a team of "engineers" along with me for the ride.
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