Air bag light on

Here is a deal.I own 2005 Bmw my bimer was in an accident and the driver front air bag exploded.I did fix it up myself. The only thing is the air bag light still on. I replaced the air bag and bst cable and tried to reset the light using INPA. Don' know much about air bag systems

jet :) so I need some help please.Any ideas?

Here is the error report:

E R R O R M E M O R Y R E P O R T -------------------------------------

Date: 10/13/10 16:30:36 ECU: MRS4RD JobStatus: OKAY Variant: MRS4RD-------------------------------------------------------------

RESULT: 4 errors in error memory !-------------------------------------------------------------

10 Ignition circuit ZK9 / Head airbag (ITS) right

Error frequency : 1

Error currently present Resistance too large Error not sporadic-------------------------------------------------------------

9 Ignition circuit ZK8 / Head airbag (ITS) left

Error frequency : 1

Error currently present Resistance too large Error not sporadic-------------------------------------------------------------

6 Ignition circuit ZK5 / Side airbag front right

Error frequency : 1

Error currently present Resistance too large Error not sporadic-------------------------------------------------------------

5 Ignition circuit ZK4 / Side airbag front left

Error frequency : 1

Error currently present Resistance too large Error not sporadic ================================================== ===========
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