No COMM with RTD & TCS?? Please help!

Am I screwed or what?

I had the BCM replaced about 5 months ago because the car would turn on the A/C with the key out of the ignition.

So I guess I've lost ABS, the shocks, and traction control? The 3rd brake light doesn't work either, by the way. No biggie, though.

Any idea what this is gonna cost?

Current Codes:
0461 H
1431 H
0461 H
1516 H
1571 HC
1626 H
1644 HC
0432 H
0503 H
0508 H
0844 HC
2587 H
2592 H
2721 H
2723 H
U1064 H
U1040 H
U1160 H
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