UDP Flood attack

I've recently switched from a BT homehub (which broke [stopped giving out more that 1 bar of signal]) back to our old Belkin router (model #F5D7632-4)

I can access the internet for about 5 minutes, before I lose it and get "could not connect" type messages from my browser. After investigating further I noticed something interesting in the routers security log, A UDP flood.. I'll put the log below:

Code: 03/31/2010 17:29:33 **UDP Flood to Host**, 56853->>, 53 (from ATM1 Outbound)03/31/2010 17:29:32 **UDP Flood to Host**, 56853->>, 53 (from ATM1 Outbound)03/31/2010 17:29:31 **UDP Flood to Host**, 56853->>, 53 (from ATM1 Outbound)03/31/2010 17:29:22 **SYN Flood to Host**, 50549->>, 80 (from ATM1 Outbound)03/31/2010 17:29:05 login success03/31/2010 17:29:00 NTP Date/Time updated. 08/01/2003 00:00:16 If(ATM1) PPP connection ok !08/01/2003 00:00:15 ATM1 get IP: 00:00:13 ATM1 start PPP 08/01/2003 00:00:13 ADSL Media Up ! 08/01/2003 00:00:01 sending ACK to's also a SYN flood just before the others.

Anyone have a clue about why this might be happening? Am I at the receiving end of someone just having fun giving me a DDOS attack, or have I got a dodgy configuration somewhere. I've scanned my computer with AVG to no avail.

Oh, also, I can still access the internet wireless, even when the internet is unavailable on the wired computer

EDIT: here's a pingtest result. yes, that is 96% packet loss.

EDIT2: latest security log:
Code: 03/31/2010 19:11:51 **SYN Flood to Host**, 51439->>, 80 (from ATM1 Outbound)03/31/2010 19:10:02 **UDP Flood to Host**, 8080->>, 8080 (from ATM1 Outbound)03/31/2010 19:06:31 sending ACK to 19:06:31 sending OFFER to 18:51:32 sending ACK to 18:48:36 **UDP Flood to Host**, 59068->>, 53 (from ATM1 Outbound)03/31/2010 18:48:35 **UDP Flood to Host**, 63235->>, 53 (from ATM1 Outbound)03/31/2010 18:48:34 **UDP Flood to Host**, 58891->>, 53 (from ATM1 Outbound)03/31/2010 18:01:53 sending ACK to 17:54:14 login success 03/31/2010 17:54:10 sending ACK to 17:53:32 **SYN Flood to Host**, 51078->>, 80 (from ATM1 Outbound)03/31/2010 17:53:29 sending ACK to 17:52:54 NTP Date/Time updated. 08/01/2003 00:00:20 If(ATM1) PPP connection ok !08/01/2003 00:00:19 ATM1 get IP: 08/01/2003 00:00:14 ATM1 start PPP 08/01/2003 00:00:14 ADSL Media Up ! 08/01/2003 00:00:03 sending ACK to
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