Logitech Cordless Keyboard

Hope you can help....

Freeze up problems for Cordless Logitech Keyboard (German Language) M/N: Y-RA1(RT7R5XTWGR) purchased about 2 yrs ago.
OS: Window 98SE
The system was upgraded with a larger hard-drive about 1 month ago.

The hard-drive is partitioned for 2 users.
Each partition has its own (Logitech) cordless keyboard and mouse. We use a "switch" box for each keyboard. German and the other English.
There are absolutely no problems or hangups with my
keyboard (M/N: Y-RB7) (English) on my side of the partition. Prior to hard-drive upgrade both keyboards and mice worked fine.

The problem is on the other side of the partition.
The keyboard freezes. (Mouse continues to work fine.)
Rebooting only solves the problem for a few minutes before freezing up again and hitting the contact button on the remote transmitting receiver renders the same effect: after a few short minutes the keyboard freezes.
Yes, the remote receiver is at the specified distance from the monitor, CPU, speakers, etc.

The only CD-ROM Software programme provided was exclusively for the Y-RB7 keyboard.

Hopefully I've given you enough information here for you to work with towards a solution.
Thank you.
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