EPP high wing plans

Does anyone know of a kit or plans for a high wing EPP plane ? I'm looking for something to fly out the garage door and harrass the neighbors.

Ikarus carried one at one time but it seems they dont kit it anymore.
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High wing flat foamie

I was wondering if anybody made a high wing flat foamie, something that would be a cross between a profile plane and one of the cessena trainer that are so popular. I want it to be more on the flat end of the spectrum than the cessena's I see Thanks Tom

Plans for 4 ch high wing trainer

... build. I have some of the pink eps foam (1/2 and 1"), and I was looking to find some plans similar to a Sig Kadet. ... fancy, just a box style fuse, high wing, constant chord 4 ... span, 32" x 5" x 6" fuse. I was going to sand the flat bottom wing foil out of the 1" and use the 1/2 for tail and fin,fuse ...

High Wing Epp ?

I'm looking for a high wing trainer type plane with about a 35-40 in wing span with ailerons preferably EPP or something easily repaired. I already have a Futaba TX that I would like to use so I don't want an RTF

Question Choosing a brushed motor for generic 3ch foamie kit?

... a local hobbyshop which sells foamie kits. And I mooched into the high-wing trainer category. Since it's a kit, some info: In ... (and wing :D), glue, rubber bands for wings, round acrylic rods(no clue what this is:confused:?), pushrods, Plastic wing strengthener(rubber bands also wrap ...

Pre-cut Foamie Kits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys, I am starting to make pre-cut foamie kits. Each kit will be made out of depron. Any thickness that you want (between 3mm or ... kit will be $15.00 plus $4.99 shipping. And the best part is, I can cut any airplane you want. You just have to send me the plans and I will cut it out gor you ...

Check up this new Electric Epp flying wing!

Please check it up! this is a new molded Epp flying wing. Wing span 48 inch, power by one speed 400 motor. Kit included flying sound whistle, lightstick for night flying, 3M 3 inch wide fiber tape, per-mould servos bay, per-cut elevon, foam tape and velco ...

Some budget foamie kit - need help on ailerons

Ok, last swap meet picked up some no-name brand 3D foamy kit for $5. Great deal just considering the ... attached a pic showing how I think they should go, however, I'm not quite sure if I should slide them out so they meet up with the edge of the wing or move them in closer to the fuselage. Opinions?

Pre-cut Foamie Kits

... of the line pre-cut foamie kits. Each kit will be cut by hand and sanded by ... of my kits will be made out of Fan-fold foam and every kit that I cut will only be $15.00 plus shipping. If you are intrested, please sned me a pm and YOU MUST SEND THE PLANS TO MY E-MAIL Sethjackson06@yahoo.com Please feel ...

epp highwing

I am looking for a all epp high wing kit that is 4ch+, and can either use flaperons of has seperate flaps for an stol plane, I have tried to modify a magpie and it just dosnt like flying with ailerons, any ideas?

Ideas for scratch Built high wing??

Hi guys. I am flying a Beaver right now any will transition to ailerons soon. For my next plane I want to build a belly landing high wing with ailerons for a brushed, geared 350 speed motor. Does anyone have any suggestions, plans, recommendations? I have built myself a foam cutter. Mark

Alert LAST CHANCE! Up to 30% off profile foamie kits! Free shipping!

Hey guys, We've got a handful of foamie kits on sale this weekend only! All kits are either Depron or ultra-durable EPP foam and include brushless outrunner motors. All sale orders will receive FREE shipping (lower 48 states). Click here to check it ...

Build Log HobbyKing Tristania-EPP High-Performance 3D Airplane w/ Motor

HobbyKing Tristania-EPP High-Performance 3D Airplane w/ Motor (USA Warehouse) A lightweight and agile high performance 3D plane that will push your skills to ... for precision tracking, this plane is designed for ultimate 3D and beyond! This kit includes a 3D ready motor, prop saver ...

Discussion TECHone Hobby EPP Funfly ARF Build/Fly/Re-Build

... . Start with an ARF (this project), move on to a kit, and then, maybe, a scratch build. Research ... . Turns out, ARF/PNP/kit EPP trainers are rare ... with such mixed reviews?1. No other EPP high wing trainers I could find. 2. If I went ARF ... 1 Crash on Takeoff Rebuild Fuse Firewall Wing Version ...

New Product Nitroplanes.com Tech One Foamie Kits

Nitroplanes.com just released a line of Tech One Foamie Kits. Kits are either in EPP or EPO foam and we also have minis! Great for beginners and durable for any crashes :) Check out the whole line here at: http://www.nitroplanes.com/techone.html

A good 3d foamie kit for use with...

... was hoping that you friends might steer me in the right direction for a good 3d foamie kit that can use the equipment that I have. I have three motor options. here is ... or equivalent speed controller- eflite 45amp if you point out a kit for me please suggest which motor and what size prop as well, ...

foamie warbirds built from fiddlergreen plans

has anyone built or is building a foamie warbird from the fiddlergreen plans. If so need help, want to build a couple, but haven't found any build threads. I've bought the following plans mustang,spitfire,thunderbolt,me109,and fw190. want to build out of bluecore.

Ele-Bee EPP Combat Wing

Ele-Bee EPP Combat Wing By Paul Penney The Ele-Bee wings incorporate simple design, nearly immortal durability, exceptional looks, and cheap operation using inexpensive readily available electronics. EPP wings of this nature are excellent candidates for beginner aerobatics, ...

New molded Epp flying wing

Please have a look of this molded Epp Combat Wing. No more 3M #77 need, No more carbon fiber need. Per-mould slot for radio, It even can bend wing tip to other side wing tip. http://www.rcsail.com/Bee.htm

The Unicorn - a Next Generation EPP flying wing Next Gen thread

The Generation continues on this insiteful thread... The Unicorn - a Next Generation EPP flying wing. http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showt...24#post1118724 is the link to the last generation of this thread!!!

What's your favorite 3-view? High-wing, for a beginner...

Hi guys; I believe, for my next project, and to test out my new foam cutter, I'd like to develop a high-wing monoplane that will make a good first ... micro servos. A nice 2-view or 3-view will get me on my way, so I'd like to ask what's your favorite high-wing plane? Thanks! Dan.

The Unicorn - a Next Generation EPP flying wing

The Unicorn can be considered the successor to the Zagi 400x. 1. Solid EPP flying wing 2. Flies 15-30 minutes. Flies better, including improved inverted loops 3. 48 inch ... to break. 5. NiMH flat pack fits entirely in wing 6. Quieter motor, it lives inside a plastic cylinder, ...

EPP Combat Wings !

Ok I have just bought an Irvine X-ite EPP Combat Wing and was wondering if anyone else had bought one/flown one and had any building or flying tips that might be helpfull ? I tried searching for anything to do with them but found nothing so decided to ask here TYIA ..

EPP Ferrite power Low Wing Aileron trainer that will ROG?

... with a pile of splinters. If only it were an EPP Foamie! I'm aware of the high wing planes like Mountain Models Magpie. And the JK Aerotech T-52. Both are not EPP but I suspect they're darn durable. They lack ... no mild-mannered ferrite powered foamie that has all control surfaces and will ROG?

Fight Master Foamy Kits are Now Ready

... has been reading the Fight Master Foamy Airplane Beta Build thread and wondering when the kits will be ... wire cut hollowed out Pink Foam Wing Panel, two Pink Foam Wig Tips ... two Slots for the Vertical Stabilizers along with a scaled down plan's sheet is supplied as well. John Boren