How to get Beats Audio working on my clean installed HP Envy 14

I just reinstalled windows 7 on my hp envy 14 and didn't feel the need to pack anything up because i didn't really want any of the hp features. However, after i was finished, i realized the beats audio would not work. any help would be appreciated!
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This is how to get Beats Audio working, if you want it

... a simple one. Make sure you have the SWSETUP folder from the factory install backed up. If not, you need to get a copy of the HPTONECONTROL HPQUICKLAUNCH, and the IDT ... and the IDT DRIVER from the HP Support website for my Envy 17 did not give me a working Beats Audio. Note that HPTONECONTROL is ...

Clean installation with HP envy beats (need help !!!)

Hi, I got a brand new hp envy beats and I tried to do a clean install with these drivers from - IDT High Definition Audio CODEC Driver - ... volume/brightness, web, mail, calc, fn b for beats audio) works well. But I can not see the on screen display (volume indicator or ...

How to reinstall beats audio software?

... the Windows 8 consumer preview on my HP Pavilion dv6 laptop. I have windows 7 and 8 on different partitions so I am able to boot to either one. I am wondering if it is possible to get the beats audio software that comes pre installed on Windows 7 onto the Windows 8 ...

Help! Sony SZ Clean Install - SigmaTel Audio Driver Problem

Everytime i try to load the audio driver no the clean install i get the device object not found. i have followed the order layed out by sony and all the threads. i have also see this issue reported by others, but no one has indicated how to fix it! help.

Solved: No Audio Device Found after Clean Install of XP

... desktop in my basement. It is from a few years back, but I figured I'd do a clean install of Windows XP on it and run ... work successfully. I had the internet right away and everything else I tried worked. The only problem I am having is that there is no sound. It also says there is no audio device ...

HP Envy 14 Beats Audio Connection Help

... port of the envy (audio in). So what I am trying to do is be able to play my iPhone music through the envy and have it come out the speakers. Had the same setup on my old laptop: iphone to mic in, speaker to heaphone. But, the envy has the beats audio control panel which i'm very ...

HP Beats Audio Software - how to get?

... , I own a HP Envy 15-1003TX Recently I had some internal parts of the laptop fail including the hard drive, which resulted in the HP Service Centre needing to do a clean install of Windows 7. However now there is no Beats Audio System software at all on my ...

Beats Audio logo color?

I was recently in class and saw that someone else had an Envy 14. I was looking at his laptop and noticed that the beats audio logo in the top left of ... from mine. "beats" was written in red and "audio" was written in white while mine is all red. Does anyone know if mine is just defective or if they ...

HP Envy 15 Beats audio button issues

... strange problem with my Beats Audio button/wheel. The volume wheel works fine when I am not watching a video online ... watching a video on youtube, the wheel would work fine as long as I do not touch the ... bars do not increase or decrease...To make if work, I have to click on the volume icon in ...

is beats audio just marketing?

Can some one shed some light on beats audio? I know the headphones sound great. What about the audio branding?

Beats Audio Software

I reinstalled a fresh copy of Windows 7 and don't know where to find the Beats Audio Software. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

Envy 14 issues after clean install

... showing up, so apologies if these have been covered a lot already! I did a clean install of the Envy 14 (with the older processor) a few weeks ... , it says Windows can't find PowerXpressHybrid? - Fn + b no longer toggles Beats Audio on/off: not too important, just something I noticed. Since the ...

[FIX] Audio problems on new windows installs

Forgot to say Envy 17 in title :( After hours of isolating the problem, I have figured it ... sounded scary but I knew my speakers work because I used them before the clean install. I turned off wifi and ... is loud and the only fix I have right now is disabling beats audio in the beats control panel. ...

HP Envy 17 (2xxx) Beats, FN + B & Logo/Icon Guide

... to post a quick tutorial on how to get Beats audio working with FN + B (with logo/icon) on a ... Mega HP Quick Launch.rar (66 KB) This config worked for me and I did manage to update the IDT drivers with ... latest package i.e. SP62316 IDT 6.10.6479.0 Make sure to clean your registry before install!

I am DEEPLY regretting doing a clean install on my new Envy 14. Help?

I got my Envy in the mail today. It's an absolutely beautiful machine but getting it back up to speed is putting me ... there are multiple drivers for the 5650 or not. Overall, I'm just really disappointed that I did a clean install. Can anyone help me change my mind about it? EDIT: Minimizing windows ...

HDX 16, Battery charning is not working although light next to the connector is on.

Hi, I am an user of HDX 16, and charging is not working since last week. When plugged in an power adapter, the light ... battery from my friend, and the laptop was powered on but still charging is not working (indicator doesn't show charging icon). What do I have to check or investigate to fix ...

Clean Install on my new Radiance Envy 14

... guys. Just received my Envy 14. I don't notice any problem at the moment. I will check more tonight. Everything works. A question, I plan to do a clean install with a Seagate ... to make the laptop working? Which drivers should I install? Could I find them on HP siteweb? Also, the preinstalled ...

HP Beats Audio First Impressions

Before I purchased my DV7, I had never come across an actual review of the "Beats Audio" aspect of the computer, so I thought I'd put one ... to be some kind of bass boost going on here, and it's nice clean and punchy, although a little more bass than I would want; now it seems like the treble is not as ...

HP envy beats audio question?

which has better sound quality and volume? the HP Envy with beats audio or the dell XPS with JBL speakers?? thanks all.

HP Envy 17 1050EA 17.3" Laptop with Beats Audio?

is this laptop good for gaming. i wanna play games like runescape in full hd and games like crysis 2, battlefield 3 when it comes out and mw3 heres the link to the laptop if you wanna see it yourself

What would be better to buy a HP envy beats audio edition or a macbook/ 13" macbook pro?

I have always used macs i love apples software and that they can't get viruses easily, I don't know if i should switch to a pc because the envy with beats audio has allot more ram and hard drive space than a macbook pro I just don't know about windows 7

How to switch on HP envy m6 beats audio?

I have a Hp envy m6 laptop ,But I don't know how to switch on the beats audio???

HP Beats Audio Ubuntu 11.04

... installed Ubuntu 11.04 on my Envy 15, and it has been working like a charm. Except for one thing, the audio. While audio itself works, the ... clips). Now I was wondering if anyone had any luck installing different drivers in Ubuntu for the Beats audio system, or perhaps it is just a 'simple' ...

Beats Audio, On and Off? (HP)?

What's the point in being able to turn beats audio off on your HP Envy? why would you want to lower quality? Does it save battery?