Overheating +bios in jft00

Hi everyone!
A couple of months ago, i bought a jft00.
It has worked just fine, and I have been very pleased with it.
Lately, however, it has started to overheat when running demanding applications such as games or system tools.
Tried to see if there was a way to adjust fan agressitivity in the bios, but the bios was practically empty!
I mean, the only thing i am allowed to do there is basically adjust time and date settings!

I tried to look around for bios updates, but on compals official site i didn't find anything for the jft00, and by googling further, I found this: Ultimate Dummy Guide to flashing Compal JFT00

And since compals site suggests that no bios update has been released, i became a bit sceptical.
Is it safe for me to flash my bios with this tool?

And more importantly: will flashing the bios void my warranty?

My current bios version seems to be 1.01a.n03, and in the boot screen it says something about insydeH20 whatever that means.

Thanks for reading, hope someone has some answers for me
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