REality show Trading spouses, unruly children

Okay, last night I was watching this REality show called trading spouses. Its a pretty entertaining show. LOL
Anyhow, this family had these kids that were acting up so badly. Part of me was so irritated, that I felt like they needed a good smack. It was horrible. Then I started thinking, maybe she isn't doing her own discipline because the cameras are on her. Maybe she was too shy to be herself?? Have any of you ever felt like another child has acted so horribly, and you had the urge to spank them, even though you don't believe in it yourself?
Mine have been swatted before, but I don't like it, or agree with it, and don't use this method on a daily basis. I would like to never do it again. Thats why I am loving this forum, so much. I hope to learn all sorts of ways of dealing with the kids on a better level than smacking their bottoms.

But man, last night I really found myself saying they needed it. One child kept completely harrassing the smaller child, and even showed him smacking his brother right in the FACE, and in a hardware store? The kid took an axe, and pretended to swing around with it!!!!! What would you do if your kid was doing something like this?? I kept thinking, that child should have never been able to get this bad in the first place...
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