Kadet Senior Kit to Electric


I have a Kadet Senior kit that is mostly built (Wing and tail feathers built, TF covered, Fuse mostly done). I just can't bring myself to use the OS .46 LA engine that I have. I even had it so far as mounted on the firewall. With the wonder of cheaper brushless motors and LiPo's I don't really see any reason to make a slimy mess whenever i go fly this thing.

I can fly my little Dandy sport well enough (with a 120W outrunner) and I intend to use the big, stable kadet for both AP and teaching my Dad to fly RC (he actually gave me the kit 10 years ago).

So I've read some information on motors, ESC's, etc. and think that I have a combination that will work without breaking the bank. I'm wondering if the kind souls of the forums here can point out any mistake or confirm that this is a good combo.

Motor: TGY AerodriveXp 32 SK Series 35-48 900Kv / 770W

ESC: TURNIGY Plush 80A w/ UBEC Speed Controller

Battery: 1 Turnigy 4000mAh 4S 20C Lipo Pack

Prop: 12 x 6 APC E

So do fellas think this will work?

Edit: I also intend to use a separate Nimh RX battery. I figure that is the most reliable configuration.
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